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ABOUT ID CHIPS:  Things you should know

by Anne Jones RN, BSNE

Several alerts regarding ID chips:

You must register your dog for a trace to be in place should the dog be lost. Also changes of address and phone numbers will be needed after a move so that that you can be located. This can be especially important since it takes time for a relocated dog to learn where "home" is.

Upon change of ownership, the dog must be registered to the new owner.

Chips can migrate though usually they do not move far. Nevertheless a scan should include distant areas if it appears a lost animal has not been chipped.

A few chips have been reported to have been found enclosed in a tumor that has formed around them. Any lump should be investigated but be mindful of this alert if a tumor is found anywhere near the area where you dog had a chip implanted.

You may want to discuss with your veterinarian the advisability of giving vaccines in a different area from where the ID chip was implanted.