Bichon Frise CHIC 5 Star Award

The BFCA health committee has initiated the CHIC 5 Star Award in conjunction with our CHIC listings. The award reflects quality, as in a 5 star hotel, and commends the efforts of breeders who augment health testing of their Bichons prior to breeding. Each issue of the BFCA Health Times will list the names of Bichons with this award, and a certificate will be sent to the owner.

To qualify, the Bichon Frise must have:

1. A CHIC number, which indicates 3 tests (eyes, hips, and patellas)

2. Passed OFA requirements that rule out hip dysplasia.

3. Passed CERF and patella OFA certifications within one year of the date of the application.

4. Passed 2 other tests listed in the BFCA optional:

A. Cardiac OFA certification by a cardiologist or practitioner

B. Legg-Calve-Perthes (a degenerative hip disease) OFA certification

C. DNA registered with AKC

D. Urinalysis to assess for diabetes, bladder infection, and crystals (precursor to stones) E. Bile acid blood test to rule out liver shunt

F. Standard veterinary blood panel that includes:

1. CBC (complete blood count—WBC’s, hemoglobin, RBC’s, platelets) to find anemia, infection, cancers of the blood, or bleeding and platelet disorders
2. Electrolytes, BUN, creatinine to assess kidney function
3. Blood glucose level to rule out diabetes
4. Liver enzymes to rule out liver disease
5. Pancreas enzymes to rule out pancreas disease

5. At least one owner is a BFCA member

Therefore, the Bichon must pass 5 health tests (includes DNA registration with AKC) to receive this award. Mail or email the application to Paula Hendricks.

Just like the CHIC certification, once a Bichon receives the award it cannot be revoked. The list published in the BFCA Health Times will be an ongoing, alphabetical list that will grow with time.