Mission Statement

Objectives of the BFCA Health Committee

The primary function of the Bichon Frise Club of America’s Health Committee is to improve the health of all Bichons Frises by recognizing and eventually eliminating the major health problems in the breed, thereby providing a better future for Bichons Frises.


  1. Identify the current top 10 health conditions in the Bichon Frise, which will be useful in prioritizing health research resources and for developing disease prevention strategies.
  2. Keep abreast of current canine health issues and scientific research projects that impact Bichons.
  3. Educate BFCA members and owners of Bichons about current health issues in Bichons.
  4. Encourage Bichon breeders to only breed Bichons that passed the 3 BFCA-required genetic screening tests to attain a CHIC number, and to consider completing the 6 optional genetic screening tests that BFCA recommends.
  5. Establish and maintain DNA banks for Bichons that can be accessed by research scientists for studies pertinent to Bichon health issues.
  6. Inspire Bichon Frise breeders to share results of genetic screening registries with other breeders, which will augment the ability of breeders to make wise decisions to breed healthier Bichons.
  7. Educate the public to purchase Bichon Frise puppies from responsible, reputable breeders who produce healthy puppies from disease-free Bichons.
  8. Maintain adequate reserves in the Health Research Fund to support research projects pertinent to Bichon health.

Committee Functions

  1. Coordinate matters pertaining to health with support from BFCA’s Board of Directors.
  2. Publish “The Health Times” newsletter to be mailed to members with the BFCA Bulletin, with the exception of the business issue.
  3. Maintain current health data on the bichonhealth.org web site by incorporating current trends in canine health care that impact Bichons.
  4. Answer email health-related questions obtained from the BFCA web site, while compiling the data to share with BFCA members.
  5. Prepare and distribute health surveys as needed to determine health issues for Bichons, followed by interpreting and sharing the data with BFCA members and research scientists.
  6. Attend the biennial AKC/CHF Canine Health Conference in St. Louis and report the pertinent information to the BFCA members.
  7. Solicit scientific research projects pertinent to Bichon Frise health that are worthy of utilization of funds donated to health research.
  8. Search for methods to raise funds for health research, and express appreciation to any club, organization, or individual who donates money to the health research fund.
  9. Provide the CHIC 5 star Award to those Bichons that have passed the 3 BFCA-required genetic screening tests to attain a CHIC number and passed 2 additional tests that BFCA recommends, publishing award winners in The Health Times.
  10. Provide swab kits for breeders that wish to participate in collecting DNA from their Bichons to deposit in Bichon DNA banks.

Revised April, 2008