The Bichon Frise Club of America, Inc. is dedicated to improving the health of Bichons across the world. To that end, we have supported research projects of particular interest to Bichon owners and which require us to raise funds. To date we have spent over $70,000, most of which was doubled by the AKC Canine Health Foundation. In order to receive matching funds from them, we have to be able to provide our portion. And to provide our part, we must raise money! Our club is small, with fewer than 300 members. This is one place where YOU, a Bichon lover, can help us and, in turn, obtain a delightful item featuring Bichons.

Another way to automatically donate to the BFCA at NO COST TO YOU is to shop at Simply begin your shopping using the link below  and anything you purchase at will automatically benefit the BFCA.

Please also take a moment to explore the Donations menu and visit all of our Donations pages for more opportunities to show your support for improved Bichon health. They are one of the healthier breeds and we count on you to help us to free them from all genetic diseases.

Your donation will be appreciated and will be used wisely to improve the health of Bichons everywhere!
We thank you for caring.